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Dartmouth Medical Student Study

The AQR Lab conducts ongoing research with Dr. Hilary Ryder at the Department of Medical Education at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine exemplifies the defining principles and characteristics of transdisciplinary, team-based qualitative research. Through the analysis of narrative comments and written reflections of medical students and their supervisors, our primary aim is to leverage the strengths of qualitative analysis to consider how to effectively implement best practices in the training of medical students and enhance healthcare delivery. To date, our research has been recognized by the Association of American Medical Colleges for Excellence in Medical Education.

Current Publications:

Gulbas, L., Guerin, W., & Ryder, H. F. (2016). Does what we write matter? Determining the features of high-and low-quality summative written comments of students on the internal medicine clerkship using pile-sort and consensus analysis: a mixed-methods study. BMC medical education, 16(1), 145-152. Available here.

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