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The Advanced Qualitative Research Lab

Our goal is to promote a supportive, interdisciplinary research environment committed to the development and advancement of qualitative research. Through collaborative, community-based research, we focus on integrating diverse stakeholder perspectives to reduce health and mental health disparities in marginalized and under-served communities.

Come Work with Us

The Advanced Qualitative Research Lab is accepting applications for the Spring 2024 semester.

This will be a fantastic opportunity to work closely with Dr. Gulbas and a team of research assistants, implementing resiliency practices and gathering qualitative data through UGS 303: Women & Madness. As a research assistant, you will go through the CITI certification process, work in close communication with the research team, and participate on the other side of the SRC study that will teach you how to jumpstart your involvement with research. Giving presentations to gather participants, holding interviews to collect data, and analyzing the results are just a small snapshot of the knowledge/practices AQRL has to offer new research assistants.

Under Dr. Gulbas's supportive direction and with the help of fellow RAs, AQRL is an excellent place for individuals who want to get involved in research and improve undergraduate mental health with the guidance of a friendly leader and peers. Weekly Friday meetings are a time for open communication and questions. Moreover, you will learn valuable skills for conducting ethical, IRB-approved research.

Contact Us

Lauren E. Gulbas, Ph.D.

Location:The University of Texas
Steve Hicks School of Social Work
1925 San Jactinto Blvd., Suite 3.122C
Austin, TX 78712

Phone:(512) 232-4418

Thanks for submitting!

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